Buy Your Tickets Now "click here" Event tickets are sold in advance only, not available at event

(Admission for Public Open House on Saturday Aug 18 available at gate only)


Fee Price Covers Entire Event Aug 15-19

 Fees: $129 site fee (per trailer) + $40 per person 13 years and older

All prices in Canadian dollars CAD

The ticket site defaults to one site pass and one event pass, the shopping cart will contain $169.00 without adding anything
With this you will have a spot for your trailer and one Event Pass for the driver.  You will need to add an Event Pass for each additional person over 13 years @ $40 ea and register all children 12 years and under (who are free but need to be registered).     

NOTE: When entering your credit card number DO NOT use spaces or dashes.  Visa & Mastercard accepted (you can use pre-paid versions of these card)  sorry we cannot accept debit or American Express 

Site Fee:
  • Each site will provide space for your trailer, tow vehicle and small side yard area for a cost of $129.00* for the entire event ($32.25 per night equivalent).
Event Pass:
  • Each person attending who is 13 years of age and older will need an event pass at $40.00* for the entire event ($10.00 per day equivalent). Event Passes are only available to those paying a Site Fee.  Children 12 years old and younger are free of charge but must be registered and will receive an Event Pass.

The Site Fee and Event Pass will cover all activities listed on the Event Schedule

i.e. The cost for a couple will be: $129.00 Site Fee + two event passes at $40.00 ea ($80.00 total) for a total cost of $209.00 ($26.13 ea. per day equivalent per person)

Fees and Passes do not cover any food or liquor costs except those outlined in the Event Schedule as being covered by the event fee

  • All the information you entered when purchasing your ticket(s) will be sent in an email, this is also the information that will be used for your name tags.  You will also receive electronic tickets that only contain the name of the credit card holder, do not worry these are for your records and are not used for the event name tags.
Serviced Sites:
  • No direct trailer hookups will be available (W/P/S), water taps are installed throughout the park and there is a dump station.  There are a limited number 15A-110VAC sites available that are specifically for those needing power for medical equipment at no extra cost.  If any power sites remain they will be offered on a first come first serve order by checking the box when registering, (the power at these sites is NOT enough to run air conditioning).  An extra charge of $30.00 for power sites will be charged. An email will be sent prior to the event only to those who are offered a power site with instructions on how to reserve that site.   
Generator Use:  
  • The use of generators will be restricted to a specific section, if you plan to use a generator please identify this when registering .
Special Requirements:
  • If you have any requirements such as disability access or mobility issues, please identify these requirements when registering, we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.
Site Close to Friends:  
  • Those wanting a be closer together as a group will need to identify their preference during registration and all those in their group enter the same common word in the designated field during registration (your common word could be your local town or city as a suggestion).  We will do our best to group registrants who enter the same key word when they register.

NOTE: registration preferences including: medical requirement for power; disability access, generator area will take preference meaning those members may not be located close to their group.

Only cancellations made on or before May 15, 2018 will receive a refund
* Does not include 5% GST ad 8% PST