The largest gathering of Moulded Fibreglass Trailers in history

is coming to Winnipeg this summer...

The boler 50th Anniversary is "Sold Out"

Even though our trailer sites are full

Everyone is Welcome to the Open House on Saturday August 18

Gates open at 10:00 am,  $10.00 admission at the gate

From August 15-19 the historic event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the tiny boler travel trailer will be held at the Red River Exhibition Park. The Boler was first introduced in Winnipeg in 1968 and the park will be turned into a huge campground to celebrate this super Canadian anniversary.  Leading up to the event, from August 11-15, 2018, caravans of trailers, that range from original 1968 trailers to a variety of new moulded fibreglass trailer models, all inspired by the original boler, will make their way across the country on their way to Winnipeg.

Event Schedule & Workshops

Event Updates:

July 9, 2018  RV West Magazine, cover story
The Beloved Boler Turns 50
Media Coverage

July 7, 2018  Long & McQuade sponsoring Ukulele sessions Long & McQuade is our official sponsor for the morning Ukulele sessions.  Bring your Ukulele and join in on the fun
Sponsors & Exhibitors

July 7, 2018  Winkler Canvas 
Winkler Canvas custom makes awnings 7 Add-A-Rooms for boler's and other fibreglass trailers.
They will have a booth in the vendor area
Sponsors & Exhibitors

June 20, 2018  boler History Updated
Tom McMahon has completely rewritten his comprehensive article on the boler history after speaking directly with the family of Ray Olecko and Sandor Dusa and to Erwin Krieg, who was the partner at boler Manufacturing responsible for production and manufacturing.

June 12, 2018  Caravan Routes & Stops Updated
I have updated the Caravan routes and information on the website.
Route Maps

May 31, 2018  Article in Uniter Winnipeg
BOLER 50TH ANNIVERSARY Is life better in a Boler?

Media Coverage

April 14, 2018  Caravan Routes & Stops Updated
A huge Thank You to Linda Warner who is doing a fantastic job coordinating all the caravan routes
I have been trying to keep the routes and stop overs updated on the website.
Route Maps

April 12, 2018  You Can Now Buy Additional Event Passes
Do you need to add passes to your original order?

April 4, 2018  Feature Article in RV West
“Vintage RV: Don’t miss the huge 50th Anniversary Boler celebration this summer in Winnipeg”
Media Coverage

March 23, 2018  Escape Trailer Industries sponsorship
Escape Trailer Industries is sending gifts to the event that will be given away to participants, Thank You ETI, everyone loves gifts.
boler 50th Anniversary Sponsors

March 16, 2018  Shady Boy Awning sponsorship donation arrived
Today I received 2 Shady Boy Awnings, these were donated and will be given away at the event.  I use this awning on my boler and they are the standard awnings used on both the Happier Camper HC1 and the Armadillo trailers
boler 50th Anniversary Sponsors

March 14, 2018  Feature Article in Do It Yourself RV
“2018 Marks The 50th Anniversary Of The Boler Fiberglass Trailer”
boler 50th Anniversary Media

March 12, 2018  Participant Map & List added to website
Map of where participants are coming from and a link to the participants has been added to the Route Maps & Info page
boler 50th Anniversary Route Maps & Info

March 12, 2018  Shower Trailers deposit made
Showers at the event,  two custom built tractor trailer units with a total of 38 separate shower stalls (19 ladies  – 19 men's)

March 4, 2018  Caravan Route Maps & Info added to website
Linda Warner has been doing a fantastic job organizing our caravans to the event.  I have added the information from the forum to the website
boler 50th Anniversary Route Maps & Info

Feb 5, 2018  Fromagerie Bothwell Cheese official sponsor Wine & Cheese Social
I am thrilled to announce that Fromagerie Bothwell Cheese as our prime sponsor of the Wine & Cheese Social by supplying their award winning cheese
boler 50th Anniversary Sponsors & Exhibitors

Feb 3, 2018   Tickets Now Available

Jan 18, 2018  Event published on both Tourism Winnipeg & Travel Manitoba websites
Tourism Winnipeg
Travel Manitoba

Jan 15, 2018  Bee-2-Gether Covers special offer to registered participants
As a special offer to registered participants receive 15% off when you pre-order or 10% off at the event.
More info see their ad boler 50th Anniversary New Trailer Showcase

Jan 10, 2018 New Trailer Showcase section added to the boler 50th Anniversary Sponsors & Exhibitors page
boler 50th Anniversary New Trailer Showcase

Jan 10, 2018 Happier Camping in the New Trailer Showcase
Happier Camper will be displaying their HC1 in the New Trailer Showcase
boler 50th Anniversary New Trailer Showcase

Jan 9, 2018 Armadillo Trailer in the New Trailer Showcase
Armadillo Trailer will be displaying several of their trailers in the New Trailer Showcase
Stay tuned for more exciting news from Armadillo Trailer
boler 50th Anniversary New Trailer Showcase

Jan 8, 2018 Sponsorship from Shady Boy Awning
Our friends at Shady Boy Awning have generously donated several complete Shady Boy Awnings

Jan 4, 2018 Added Google Translate to sidebar on each page
Making the site accessible for all our French members (and many more languages) across the country

Jan 3, 2018 Here is your chance to be in the spotlight
The media has great interest in the boler 50th Anniversary event and I am being contacted for stories. They are often asking for a trailer for a specific photo shoot and to interview owners in a specific region.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to look through this list of opportunities on the boler 50th Anniversary Media Coverage page

Jan 1, 2018 Merchandise page added to website
boler 50th Anniversary Merchandise

Dec 26, 2017 Volunteer page added to website
boler 50th Anniversary Volunteer

Dec 15, 2017 Event pricing and information added to website
boler 50th Anniversary Event Passes & Pricing

Dec 10, 2017 FAQ page added to website

Dec 4, 2017 Website updated in preparation for Event Pass Sales and added Rules & Guidelines

Dec 2, 2017  Invited to participate in the Manitoba RV Show & Sale
The 2018 Manitoba RV Show rolls into the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg, March 8-11 and will be bringing all you need to Go & Get Exploring this summer.
Manitoba RV Show

Dec 1, 2017 Pre-registration database shut down in preparation to launch reservation system

Dec 1, 2017  Formal invitations & updates on our event sent to: City of Winnipeg, Tourism Winnipeg & Travel Manitoba

Nov 30, 2017  Invitation sent to Rick Mercer

Nov 29, 2017  Formal invitations & updates sent to local & key vendors

Nov 28, 2017 Finalize reservation and event pass requirements with AuthentiGATE

Nov 27, 2017  Formal invitations & updates sent to Fiberglass Trailer Manufacturers

Nov 22, 2017 Event Schedule updated on website
boler 50th Anniversary Event Schedule

Nov 19, 2017  Shower Trailers reserved for event
2 shower trailers with 38 shower stalls have been booked (19 Ladies & 19 Men’s)

Nov 12, 2017  Don Marcotte joined organizing team helping organize event music entertainment

Oct 25, 2017   Caravan Route Discussion Forum launched
Join the discussion forum to see updates on the routes from the North, South, East & West.

Oct 11-12, 2017 Travel to Winnipeg to meet with Rick Mooyman (event co-host) & Red River Exhibition Park
Purpose of the trip was to finalize event logistics and obtain pricing

Oct 5, 2017  Linda Warner joined organizing team helping organize caravans
Linda is looking for volunteers to help organize caravans travelling towards the event for the August 18, 2018 start
If you can help organize the route through your area
boler 50th Anniversary Caravan Discussion Forum

July 4, 2017 Pamela Bellamy won the boler 50th Anniversary Logo contest

Sept 30, 2016 Pre-registration database launched
Database launched to gather information on how many were interested and from what locations they would be travelling from.
633 trailer pre-registered in 16 months coming from all Canadian Provinces and 32 US States

Aug 24, 2016 boler 50th Anniversary Facebook Group started
Boler 50th Anniversary Facebook Group

March 22, 2016  Red River Exhibition Park booked for the event

Sept 26, 2015  boler 50th Anniversary website launched

…. between Aug 2014 and July 4, 2017 lots of detailed planning and logistics took place

Aug 16, 2014  Rick Mooyman agreed to co-host of the boler 50th Anniversary Event

Aug 13, 2014  Have this crazy idea to celebrate the boler 50th Anniversary, planning for event starts